Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Eat Fresh

Now, I am no expert or anything, but you gotta step back and wonder why the Subway sandwiches in Orono, Maine taste better, look fresher and are far more meatier than any other place else in the world.

Now I have eaten Subway just about everywhere. Even had in once or twice last month on my Hawaii trip. I started eating it when they built a new one in my hometown when I was 13 and it became all the rage. That was until high school, when my firend Julie Fratercangelli worked there and told us about the infamous tuna salad incident. Appartently, Miss thing was slicing tomatos and cut her finger and well ....it's just better off if I stop the story there.

As a college softball coach I have made one too many pitstops wherever I see the yellow sign. But, I do have to admit, I like it. It doesn't compare to a good SUB..you know, from the city. But, in a jam and in need of a quick fix, Subway gets it done. Just call me Jarrod.

But, today I opened up my turkey and ham classic on wheat and was amazed at the freshness that lied within the parchment paper. "Subway in Orono, Maine!, you have outdone yourself!" Let this serve as an analogy that small town living is better for your health. I'm beginning to like this place.


Blogger Spexial said...

damn send me a sandwich because the ones here aren't so great!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Lady Sappho said...

I miss the Subway sandwiches of the past. My daughter's father used to work at one and he made the absolute BEST sandwiches EVER! No one has ever come close. And speaking of days of ole', how 'bout Steak Escape? They used to have these awesome sandwiches, too, but now it's just bread, a smidgin' of this and that and they hand it over to you. Whatever happened to truly feeding someone a real portion?

7:04 AM  
Blogger MaineSqueeze said...

Sappho, what part of the country are you from?

7:47 AM  
Blogger Lady Sappho said...

I currently live on the outskirts of Memphis, TN.

If you want the history - - -
I started out in Deep River, CT til I was 10
Sunnyvale, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Sunnyvale, and Aptos, CA - in that order from 10 - 16
New Hampshire and Ashford, CT for about 8 months.
Moved to the Memphis area just before I turned 17.
Other than the couple of years I was stationed in VA, been here since then.

Does that answer your question? - LOL

10:07 AM  

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