Friday, July 29, 2005

I found her in a crackerjack box

She plays wipeout on the drums
The squirrels and the birds come
Gather round and sing the guitar
Oh i. . .have you got nothing to say

When all words fail
She speaks
Her mix tape’s a masterpiece
Walks through the garden
So the roses can see
Oh i. . .have you got nothing to say

And you can see daisies
In her footsteps
Dandelions, butterflies
I wanna be kate

Everyday she wears the same thing
I think she smokes pot
She’s everything I want
She’s everything I’m not
Oh i. . .Have you got nothing to say

She never gets wet
She smiles and it’s a rainbow
And she speaks and she breathes
I wanna be kate

Down by rosemary and cameron
She hands out the Bhagavad gita
I see her around every couple days
I wanna see her so that I can say. . .
hey kate


Blogger Kankasore said...

Who is that?

10:18 AM  
Anonymous LovieJung said...

Aw, somebody has a crush. Is she another one of your famous infatuations??

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anna B said...

Ohhh. Not only a shout out but a tribute!!! How sweet, it must be love.

10:24 AM  

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