Monday, August 08, 2005

Double Header and Pot Luck

What up Menehuneys? I don't even know if I spelled that right. Got a doubleheader tonight- the first in a series of 3 this week before the big tournament. The team is looking okay...but shhh...I told them they looked great!

We have a "Pot Luck" dinner with the Hawaiians after the big matchups. What exactly is pot luck in Hawaii. My guess:

Pineapples on a stick
Pig on a stick
Macadamia Nuts
Kona Coffee

The sun has sucked out my creativity. I gotta get a list in there for you guys somehow. I missed Jack Johnson at the beach today. I was kind of bummed. Knowing me I would have asked for a photo for the blog. How is everyone doing back on the mainland? Spex, I bet Hawaii would make you put th emiddle fingers away. Although, there is no Red Lobster so I guess I just lied about the fingers.

I do miss home. That is what happens when you travel to paradise and leave the loved ones behind. All those movies were right. Life never means as much until you have someone to share it with. I miss you.


Blogger Lady Sappho said...

Looking forward to your return Stay. You've kinda missed an event, but here goes. Funny thing is you were picking on me being a stalker in the beginning, when I was just trying to avoid one myself. I decided to keep my name, but I've moved back home, so to speak. Link me from here to get to my new home.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Spexial said...

no red the fuck would i ever survive...lmao just kidding..umm do they even have lobster there? ha!!!

hope your team kicks ass!!!

5:53 AM  

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