Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You Gotta Start Somewhere

Thought of the day: I started this blog for one reason and one reason only....I need to stop playing online poker. It's getting out of hand these days. I register for maybe four tournaments a day. In between losses I play at single tables. In between wins, I tend to lose again. I even started depositing money so I can feel that rush that is hard to achieve online..so I started this blog and thought I could pose the question to the world that I have been posing to myself for the last two weeks, "Do you think I have a serious gambling problem or am I just bored with my job?"
Old School shout out goes to: With Wimbelton well under way this week I thought it would be appropriate to remember the warm and fuzzy moments professional tennis has brought to us in the past. I remember "old" Jimmy Connors looking like "young" Jimmy Connors during his US Open comeback in '93 like it was yesterday. I remember when my best friend told me she thought Pete Sampras was hot when we were 14 and who could forget when Monica Seles got stabbed by that crazy guy on the court during her French Open match in '96? But, I don't think any tennis related memory in my mind could be better than when I found out that then tennis phenom, Jennifer Capriati, had been busted on dope possession charges at a Coral Gables, Florida hotel at the ripe old age of 16. She was so bad-ass! Great job Jen and good luck at Wimbelton!

If you have cable:Check out Stripsearch on VH1. I think of it as my new ice cream. As much as I don't want to watch and there are better things I could be watching, I know deep down if I just turn it on, watch it and allow myself to enjoy it, I will feel better. My favorite flavor, Blake, the freestylin' rap,white home boy from Oklahoma, surprising got booted last week. This, despite jelly- belly Bryce's french fry eating ways that made him the black sheep of the race. Sir Billy Cross, the show creator and main judge, seemed to think chicks don't find goth costumes and fake vampire teeth sexy, and gave Blake his walking papers after a botched calendar photo shoot. Apparently he has NOT seen Interview With a Vampire.
As if it didn't get enough airplay: Tom Cruise is still at it. What he is at I am still trying to figure out. Everytime I turn on the tv I see him yelling at someone, shouting about something and pointing at the screen. No one is safe, just ask Brooke Shields. I used to think James Van Der Beek was the most annoying, faux mullet, know-it-all that Katie Holmes could ever be seen with. Ding, ding, ding....we have a new winner. Katie, it is time to get off the Creek!

Boy Scout Merit Badge of the Week: Goes to the great guy, Forrest Nunley, who found the 11 year-old missing boy scout last week. Brennan Hawkins, who was lost and missing in Uinta Mountains in Utah for 4 days was found unharmed and alright after an extensive search. Stories like that give me hope that all in the world in not completely misguided and wrong. Cheers to more stories with happy endings.


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